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Giving Your Children healthy education

The mission of St. Anthony of Love Schools is to unlock the full potential of every child and students by providing a progressive educational experience that combines quality curriculum and 21st century competencies with Christian values. Our mission is to bring quality and affordable British education to your local touch. We believe every child deserves the best education regards of their economy background and we aim to provide education for all.

St. Anthony of Love Schools is a thriving community known for its congenial spirit, academic excellence, progressive growth and meaningful faith formation.  Our goal is committed to sharing gifts of service with the families and communities. We are the stewards of compassionate leadership committed to our highly regarded tradition of building a vibrant, values-based society.

We instill Christian values and support Faith Formation.

We work together in the true spirit of welcoming all regardless of religious denomination and in respect of each other and our local cultures.

We seek out Innovation, Adaptation and Positive Change to optimize the unique potential of individuals and community. We support students in developing the skills they need to be successful in this rapidly changing world with an education fortified with a foundation of enduring values.

We are committed to academic excellence, best business practices and the positive growth.

We approach the world generously in the practice of Truth, Service, Love, Justice and Peace. We give of ourselves, our time, treasure, and talent to help others in need get access to bountiful educational and life experiences though financial and spiritual assistance.


Message from the Founder

St. Anthony Of Love Schools (SALS) Whether you were compelled, asked, recommended or simply web surfing, we are glad you found us.We believe that we are called to be here to serve each student that walks through our doors and that each student here will feel connected, grow, flourish and thrive at our school. We believe that those who graduate from here go out and impact the world. Our website is constantly evolving, and we continue to strive to make it informational, inspirational to link our story to your lives and, hopefully, your lives to our school family.Please enjoy your tour of this website and call, email or stop by our schools if you have any questions, need clarification or additional information.May God’s grace and love be with you and your loved ones today, and each day, along this beautiful journey of life. Welcome to St. Anthony of Love Schools where Knowledge, Love and Truth strives. VERITAS!!! We always strive for excellence.
Dr.Anthony Uwaya, PhD
Founder and Director

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