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Whether you were compelled, asked, recommended or simply web surfing, we are glad you found us. St. Anthony of Love Schools is government approved with the aim of providing quality education and bringing British education to your local touch. We believe that we are called to be here to serve each student that walks through our doors and that each student here will feel connected, grow, flourish and thrive at our school. We believe that those who graduate from here go out and impact the world. Our website is constantly evolving, and we continue to strive to make it informational, inspirational to link our story to your lives and, hopefully, your lives to our school family. Please enjoy your tour of this website and call, email or stop by our schools if you have any questions, need clarification or additional information. May God’s grace and love be with you and your loved ones today, and each day, along this beautiful journey of life. Welcome to St. Anthony of Love Schools where Knowledge, Love and Truth strives. VERITAS!!! We always strive for excellence. Anthony Uwaya, PhD. Founder/Director
Dr. Anthony Uwaya, PhD
Founder and Director
St. Anthony of Love Schools was established to provide children with the highest standard of education and care, where each child is regarded as special, different and having individual needs. As I am responsible for everyday operations and management of the schools to make sure our students receive the best quality education. We are working in partnership with parents, ensures that each child’s first important experience of school will be a secure and happy one, and that school is a place where children come eagerly each day and depart with a sense of achievement and pleasure. I welcome you all to St. Anthony of Love Schools. Rev. Sylvester Lucky Uwaya Director (Operations)
Rev. Sylvester Lucky Uwaya
Director (Operations)
Dear esteemed parents, we are so happy to always welcome back our students after every holidays and breaks, we know you have entrusted us with your most valuable asset,and we do not take the responsibility lightly. We hope to challenge each student daily and to share in the sucess each has as they move towards reaching their potentials. This mission takes a strong level of trust and support from everyone involved .please let us all join hands together to make this a huge success for all our students, parents and teachers and even the school. Welcome to St. Anthony of Love Schools.
Mrs Joy Oare
Director (Administrative)
Dr. Anthony Uwaya, PhD
Founder and Director
Mr. Sylvester Lucky Uwaya
Director (Operations)
Ms. Joy Oare
Director (Administrative)
Mrs. Faith Anola
Director (Finance)
Paul Uwaya
Director (ICT)
Derek Hollis
Consultant and Head of International Relations
John Farah
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